Maternity Photography & Family Photojournalism

Us moms are always behind the camera, pouring our heart and soul into raising our children. As a family photojournalist, I have chosen to specialize in birth and newborn photography, but I also thoroughly enjoy stepping into a day in the life of the families I work with. My passion is helping moms remember, and be remembered. If you are searching for a maternity photographer, or a family portrait photographer - look no further. I want to give your family the gift of beautiful photography.

I know it can feel intimidating and overwhelming to invite someone with a big camera into your personal life. But one day, when you no longer hear the stomp of little feet running through your house - you will love being able to reminisce. And your children will cherish the pictures of you together as they grow into themselves and start their own lives one day…

I speak from my doula-heart when I say that these moments are priceless, time flies, and you can never get this time back. That’s why I am so passionate about my work. It’s about more than just snapping a few pictures and calling it a day. It’s about more than editing and the technical skill needed to create beautiful photos. My job is about capturing the honest love and connection you have with each other. From the tender way you hold your stretching belly, to that sweet kiss on your baby’s downy head… These moments matter, and I want to help you share your family’s love story for years to come.

If you live outside of Loveland or Fort Collins, don’t be afraid to reach out. I have worked with families all over northern Colorado including Windsor, Wellington, Estes Park, Red Feather Lakes, Boulder, Longmont, Johnstown and beyond! Let’s connect and get you on my schedule. I look forward to meeting you!